Makeup, Brow & Lash

Our make-up services are performed with MAC Cosmetics and Mirabella among others.  A wide selection of different foundations in liquid, mineral and cream to powder to compliment every skin tone.  Also a beautiful selection of eye shadows, blush, eye defining liners and lip liner.  Mirabella is available for purchase.

Hand Application    $45 & up
Make-up to suit any occasion that will not only look natural,
but will also last throughout the day.
Airbrush   $55 & up
Perfect for weddings, special occasions, portraits, or any
time you want to have a flawless complexion.
One on One Education   $55 & up
Our experts will teach you how to look your best and apply
make-up to suit your individual needs.  You will learn how
to recreate your look anytime with confidence, and an
experience you will remember for a lifetime!
Brow Tint    $20 without
Brow tinting is a safe way to add a subtle tint to your
brow color. You can match your brows to a new or
or existing hair color easily.
Eyelash Tinting   $30 without
Eyelash tinting is a safe way to darken your lashes.
It takes only a few minutes giving you great looking
dark lashes that will last for weeks.
Lip, Chin or Eyebrow Waxing   $12 with
Lip, Chin or Eyebrow Waxing   $15 without
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