Hair Color

Hair Color services include a shampoo, condition, scalp massage, haircut and The Studio Signature Blow Out.

Single Process Color    $65 & up
Whether it's gray coverage or changing the shade of your
natural color, it can be done in one easy step!
Full Highlights   $95 & up
Highlights are applied strategically through your hair to
add extra dimension by bringing a lighter shade to your
overall color.
Focus Highlights   $85 & up
Add extra dimension to your hair with highlights added
to specific areas of your hair. Your stylist can design a
highlighting pattern to compliment the cut to create
specific areas of interest.
Glaze   $55 & up
Feeling a little dull? A glaze is the perfect solution! By
adding shine, dimension, and subtle movement, we'll
help you make the most of what you have and then some.
Additional Color   $10
Add additional color to your hair.    
Roots on the Run    $40 & up
Need a quick fix? Roots on the Run is designed to
allow you to have a single process "root coverage"
and run out the door! This can take as little as 35
minutes. No blow dry or haircut is included with
this service.
Balayage   $115 & up
A French freehand technique. While many looks are
achievable with this technique from subtle to bold,
the outgrowth is soft and delicate which generally
allows for longer time between appointments.
Ombre   $125 & up
A hair color technique that is shaded or graduated
in tone from root to ends.
Corrective Color   upon
Our hair color specialists can fix any hair color
problem. Of course that doesn't mean you can go
from black to blonde in a day. We carefully analyze
your hair, its condition and your current color. Then
we explore your hair color history and discuss your
desired shade.
These are starting prices only. Pricing may vary according to length and thickness of the hair.
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