Dia Light

What are  DIA Light and DIA Richesse?
The Studio A Salon is proud to offer L’Oréal Professionnel’s next generation in
“Tone on Tone” color – for our guest in Florence who want Ammonia-free color
with radiant tones.
DIA Light is specifically formulated for maximum shine and condition on colored hair
that can cater for even the most technical of hair coloring services and makes color
personalization and color correction far easier:
- Luminous reflects
- Vinyl shine
- Beautifully even coverage, even on sensitized hair
DIA Richesse is a rich Tone on Tone color to enhance natural hair and bring new customers to color without constraints or long-term commitment. More coverage:
- Up to 70% white hair.*
- Rich, deep reflects
- Exceptional softness
Which one should I choose?
DIA Light is perfect for our guests that like to change their hair a lot – who likes to go
from blonde to red and who really likes to have fun with her hair as the possibilities with DIA Light are endless.
DIA Light not only moisturizes the hair but gives it an amazing shine and gloss. It darkens the hair up to two levels and changes the tone.
DIA Richesse Ammonia-free color with white hair coverage of up to 70% on base shades. Rich, deep reflects and exceptional softness. Ideal for Natural Hair or hair with up to 70% white hair. With the expertise of your professional hairdresser and an in-depth color consultation you can achieve your perfect look Improved alkaline Tone on Tone technology that is ideal for natural hair and covering first white hair. 

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